Nova Scotia Building Advisory Committee Seeking member

The NSBAC is an adjudicative board which has 2 distinct functions. The non-adjudicative role is to provide the Minister of Municipal Affairs with advice and assistance concerning the Nova Scotia Building Code Act and Regulations, provide a liaison between the Minister and the National Research Council (NRC), look into matters and functions assigned to it by the Minister. The adjudicative role is to conduct hearings where disputes arise and respond to matters referred to the Committee by a court. 

The Committee meets monthly, except for July and August typically. Hearings are conducted on an as needed basis (typically five to eight a year) including the summer months with three to five members.  Participation in the hearings are voluntary. Meetings are typically 1 to 2 hours in the afternoon on the second Wednesday of the month. Additional working groups may be established and are voluntary as well. Currently all meetings are virtual, but will resume to in person once the current situation improves.  

Members are expected to have an understanding of the:
National Building Code
National Energy Code for Buildings
National Plumbing Code
Nova Scotia Building Code Act
Nova Scotia Building Code Regulation
Administration and Enforcement of the Act, Codes and Regulations. 

Members are expected to :
Articulate in a clear and concise manner any issues or concerns
Have the ability to work in a consensus based manner
Regularly attend Committee meetings
Regularly report back to their respective organizations
Provide advice to the Committee on concerns or issues. 

Members interested in joining the committee can contact the NSFM.