Federal Canada Community Building Fund

A new agreement for the federal Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF) between Canada and Nova Scotia became effective April 1, 2014. This agreement represents a 10-year investment of an estimated $580 million in predictable and stable funding for local municipalities. The CCBF helps build and revitalize public infrastructure in Nova Scotia, while supporting the national objectives of a cleaner environment, stronger cities & communities, and productivity & economic growth.

Since 2015, NSFM has been providing support to the Province of Nova Scotia to administer the 2014-24 CCBF Agreement. NSFM focuses its efforts on helping municipalities meet the requirements for communications, signage and asset management. The aim of this collaboration is to provide valuable support and resources to municipalities and to raise the profile of federally-funded local initiatives.

The information provided here is a sampling of resources developed by NSFM. Municipalities are encouraged to visit the Department of Municipal Affairs’ website for the full range of CCBF information and resources.

The Canada Community-Building Fund: A Year in Review

To capture highlights from the 2020-21 fiscal year, NSFM developed the Canada Community-Building Fund: Year in Review to provide a graphical overview of the CCBF in Nova Scotia. It outlines key financial information, as well as highlights from local projects and asset management initiatives to demonstrate how municipalities are using the CCBF to support sustainable infrastructure investments in their communities.

Recent Canada Community-Building Fund Articles in NSFM’s Municipal Observer:

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Canada Community-Building Fund Project Spotlight: The Municipality of the County of Antigonish’s Market Street Water Tower & Utility Upgrade Project

The Infrastructure Spotlight Report:  Local Successes from the Canada Community-Building Fund

NSFM is pleased to release the Infrastructure Spotlight Report: Local Successes from the Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF), developed in partnership with the Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing.  The report provides a sampling of projects undertaken from 2014 to 2021 by Nova Scotia municipalities.  From the development of active transportation trails to improvements in water and wastewater treatment facilities, the CCBF has made significant contributions to numerous infrastructure projects across the province. The report aims to demonstrate how local municipalities are making the most of the CCBF through strategic infrastructure investments that contribute to a better quality of life in our communities.  

The Infrastructure Spotlight Report outlines how CCBF work is communicated in Nova Scotia through websites, social media channels and municipally-installed signage.  It presents CCBF project analytics to demonstrate how and where municipalities are investing their funds.  It also highlights best practices and innovation through a selection of 25 municipal projects from across the province that contribute to the national objectives of productivity and economic growth, cleaner environment and strong communities.   

The Infrastructure Spotlight Report can be found here.

Canada Community-Building Fund Signage Reports

Municipalities are required to install temporary signs for all CCBF projects, as part of the terms of their Municipal Funding Agreement. To support municipalities in meeting this requirement, NSFM collects information on behalf of the Department of Municipal Affairs three times a year to develop reports that track the installation of CCBF project signs.

Details on the federal signage requirements can be found in the Infrastructure Project Sign Design and Installation Guidelines and on Infrastructure Canada’s website

Also, NSFM developed an overview of the guidelines, for your easy reference, which can be found here.