Doctor Recruitment

pdf Resolution 4 - Doctor Recruitment PASSED (115 KB)  


NSFM members recognize that communities suffer when they lack easy access to health care.  Health care services are complex and governments everywhere are struggling with this issue.

NSFM has a representative on the Nova Scotia Health Authority‚Äôs Recruitment and Retention Advisory Committee, which began meeting in January 2018.  Through this committee, NSFM is identifying ways in which it can assist municipalities with this issue. 


On June 18th, 2018, NSFM offered a one-day workshop highlighting the role municipalities can play in recruiting and retaining physicians in their areas.

  • Dr. Al Doucet shared his experiences with recruitment success at Queen's General Hospital (QGH) in Liverpool. He illustrated the importance of their doctor recruitment website and showed the audience in attendance the videos that the QGH foundation produced for the website.