Since 2015, NSFM has been providing support to the Province of Nova Scotia to administer the 2014-24 Gas Tax Fund (GTF) Agreement. NSFM focuses its efforts on helping municipalities meet the requirements for communications, signage and asset management. The aim of this collaboration is to provide valuable support and resources to municipalities and to raise the profile of federally-funded local initiatives.

The information provided here includes, for the most part, resources and information developed by NSFM. Municipalities are encouraged to visit Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing for the full range of GTF information and resources.

GTF Project Spotlights

NSFM develops project spotlights to hightlight best practices and innovation in Nova Scotia's municipalities, as part of the support provided by the Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing to administer the 2014-24 GTF Agreement. These spotlights highlight local GTF initiatives and demonstrate the benefits these municipal projects provide to their communities.

Municipality of the District of Chester’s Highway #3 Streetscape Project

In partnership with the Province of Nova Scotia, the Federal GTF investment supported the addition of paved shoulders along a busy roadway in the District of Chester, increasing recreational and active options for residents. Click here to read project spotlight.  

Municipality of the District of West Hants’ Avondale Boardwalk Project

West Hants repurposes an historic wharf, creating a pedestrian boardwalk in Avondale. Just another example of improved tourism infrastructure in Nova Scotia! Click here to read project spotlight.

Municipality of District of Lunenburg's Church Lake Public Access Project

The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg develops the only public access site on Church Lake to increase opportunities for outside recreation. Click here to read project spotlight.

Town of Yarmouth and the Districts of Argyle and Yarmouth’s Regional Wind Energy Project

The District of Argyle, the District of Yarmouth and the Town of Yarmouth collaborate to invest in wind energy to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and their production of greenhouse gas emissions, while creating a new revenue stream for their communities. Click here to read project spotlight.

Municipality of the County of Antigonish’s Municipal Solar Photovoltaic Project

The County of Antigonish produces its own renewable energy to offset its electricity needs with the installation of a solar photovoltaic system on its administration building. Click here to read project spotlight.

Municipality of District of Argyle’s West Pubnico Sewer Extension Project

The District of Argyle partners with the local business community to extend its wastewater infrastructure to improve services, provide opportunities for future development and protect the water supplies upon which the local community relies. Click here to read project spotlight.

Municipality of East Hants’ Recreation Projects

The Municipality of East Hants supports active, healthy living by investing in three youth-focused outdoor recreation facilities in local communities (Mount Uniacke, Lantz and Noel) with support from the federal Gas Tax Fund. Click here to read project spotlight.

Halifax Transit’s Lacewood Terminal Project

Halifax builds the Lacewood Terminal to improve its users’ transit experience; be integrated into the local community and its active transportation network; and be sustainable and accessible to all users. Click here to read project spotlight.

Municipality of the County of Inverness’s Sewer and Water Extension Project

To protect local water sources and provide residents with access to clean drinking water, the County of Inverness uses the federal GTF to extend its water distribution and wastewater collection systems in the small community of Inverside. Click here to read project spotlight.

Town of Lockeport's Dune Revetment Program

To protect fragile coastal dunes, the Town of Lockeport uses lobster traps to encourage the development of a beach berm to stabilize the area and provide further protection from wind erosion and storm surges along its causeway. Click here to read project spotlight.

The Municipality of the County of Colchester’s Truro Heights Pedestrian Overpass Project

With the aim of improving community access to local facilities and the Town of Truro and encouraging the use of active modes of transportation to support healthy living, Colchester County develops an overpass with a 1.2 kilometre paved-surface trail for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Click here to read project spotlight.

The Municipality of the County of Annapolis’ Nictaux Scotney Pathway Project

The County of Annapolis makes its communities more active transportation-friendly by creating a pathway that links two residential areas and greatly increases pedestrian and cyclist safety. Click here to read project spotlight.

Municipality of the County of Colchester’s Compost Handling Facility Project

Colchester County demonstrates leadership in solid waste management by investing in an innovative composting facility that allows the Municipality to efficiently turn waste into a valuable commodity, extend its landfill’s life, reduce negative impacts on the environment and achieve considerable energy savings. Click here to read project spotlight.

Richmond County’s Wastewater Management Pilot Project

The County of Richmond provides an innovative solution to failing septic systems that is both fiscally responsible and ensures the protection of vulnerable groundwater supplies. Click here to read project spotlight. 

Cape Breton Region Municipality’s Grand Lake Multi-use Path

As a signature project in CBRM’s Active Transportation Plan, the Grand Lake Multi-use Path is a 10-km trail designed for walking, cycling and other non-motorized modes of transportation that connects residents to key destinations in Sydney, Glace Bay and all communities in between. Click here to read project spotlight.