Key Issues

NSFM members have identified a number of issues they are dealing with.  NSFM has developed a process to identify key issues, and to establish priorities.

In this section of the website, you will see reference to Resolutions, Priorities and On Our Radar.

Resolutions are a primary vehicle to identify our most important areas for attention and change.  The process leading to the selection of the top ones is evolving and is described in that section.

Not all priorities lead to a resolution. The Priorities section captures those areas NSFM is focussing on.  Some of these are driven by provincial and federal initiatives that necessitate a response or work by municipalities.  These also identify areas where NSFM is focussing a lot of its resources.

The On the Radar Section are emerging issues or matters of concern and interest.  They contain information on the topics.

Check out our Publications section to find information on presentations made at our conferences, workshops and seminars.