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The legalization of cannabis has implications for municipalities, which is evolving as decisions are made by both the federal and provincial governments.  NSFM is working with the province on a joint committee which focusses on municipal concerns. NSFM has a working committee established to better understand the implication for municipalities; to share information and to develop tools to support municipalities.  FCM is also actively developing material to assist municipalities as well.

The Federal Government has released the regulations associated with the federal legislation.

pdf Access the regulations (4.05 MB) .

The Provincial Government has developed a website to provide general information and specific information on cannabis-impaired driving.  The website explains the rules in Nova Scotia, information on health effects of cannabis use, driving while impaired, guidance on speaking to children and teens about cannabis, and workplace impairment.  The website is available at

Information about potential cost areas for municipalities as cannabis is legalized has been developed by the Municipal Cannabis Working Group; here is a spreadsheet copy of FCM Cannabis Cost Metrics Skeleton-May-2018-NS version (17 KB) ,


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pdf Brian Johnston Stewart Mckelvey Legalization of Marijuana Impacts ( pdf, 172 KB )
pdf Copy of FCM Cannabis Cost Metrics Skeleton May 2018 NS version ( pdf, 107 KB )
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