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Every year at the fall conference, the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities (NSFM) presents resolutions that were submitted by its membership and selected by the Resolution Committee for discussion and voting.

Once passed, the resolutions are submitted to the Province through the Department of Municipal Affairs and discussed at the Ministerial/NSFM Roundtable for response and respective action plans.

Responses are shared with the membership and NSFM staff work with the Department on the initiatives identified in the response.

In preparation for the following fall conference, progress on the resolutions is reviewed and a determination is made whether to continue with the action plan already in place or to re-submit the resolution for further attention.

NSFM has many other topics of municipal interest that are not formalized as a resolution, but are understandably of high importance to municipalities. These topics either form a NSFM Priority or are included as a topic we keep “On Our Radar” to monitor and work with municipalities on moving forward. See the Priorities and On Our Radar sections of our website for more information.


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