Year Served Name of Individual Title and Municipality
2017-2018 STEWART, Geoff Councillor, County of Colchester
2016-2017 MURLEY, Laurie Deputy Mayor, Town of Windsor
Jan. 2016-Nov 2016 CLARKE, Cecil P. Mayor, Cape Breton Regional Municipality
2015-Jan. 2016 DETHERIDGE, Clarie Councillor, Cape Breton Regional Municipality
2014-2015 HUNTER, Keith Warden, County of Cumberland
2013-2014 CORKUM, David Mayor, Town of Kentville
2012-2013 WALKER, Russell Councillor, Halifax Regional Municipality
2012 SMITH, Jim Councillor, Halifax Regional Municipality
2011-2012 MACALPINE, Jimmy Warden, District of Digby
2010-2011 MACLEAN, Billy Joe Mayor, Town of Port Hawkesbury
2009-2010 PRINCE, Clarence Councillor, Cape Breton Regional Municipality
2008-2009 HINES, Llyod Warden, District of Guysborough
2007-2008 WRYE, Robert Deputy Mayor, Town of Wolfville
2006-2007 WALKER, Russell Councillor, Halifax Regional Municipality
2005-2006 COTTON, Richard Councillor, County of Richmond
2004-2005 CROSBY, Charles Mayor, Town of Yarmouth
2003-2004 MORGAN, John Mayor, Cape Breton Regional Municipality
2002-2003 ZWICKER, Donald M. Councillor, District of Lunenburg
 2001-2002 BLUMENTHAL, Jerry Councillor, Halifax Regional Municipality
2000-2001 ALLEN, Anna Mayor, Town of Windsor
1999-2000 MacAULAY, Duart Deputy Warden, County of Inverness
1998-1999 BOLIVAR, Ernie Mayor, Town of Bridgewater
1997-1998 FITZGERALD, Walter R. Mayor, Halifax Regional Municipality
1996-1997 STODDART, Steven Warden, District of Barrington
1995-1996 MacLEAN, Ann Mayor, Town of New Glasgow
1994-1995 LIBBUS, Madaline Warden, County of Richmond
1994 DUCHARME, Moira Mayor, City of Halifax
1994 COADY, John Warden, County of Cape Breton
Apr.92-1993 ATKINSON, Sylvester Mayor, Town of Middleton
1991-Apr. 92 SAVAGE, John Mayor, City of Dartmouth
1990-1991 WILKINSON, Ken Deputy Warden, County of Queens
1990 MACWHINNEY, Laurence Mayor, Town of Lunenburg
1988-1989 PALMER, Charles Alderman, City of Sydney
1987-1988 NASON, Laurence Warden, County of Colchester
1986-1987 HOOD, Earle Mayor, Town of Windsor
1985-1986 MURPHY, Patrick Warden, District of Argyle
1984-1985 WADDEN, Joseph Warden, County of Cape Breton
1983-1984 CARTER, Douglas Mayor, Town of Truro
1982-1983 COOK, Harry Mayor, Town of Bridgewater
1982 HART, Barbara Deputy Mayor, City of Dartmouth
1981-1982 KYTE, Edward Warden, County of Cape Breton
1980-1981 MUNROE, R. J. Mayor, Stellarton
1979-1980 PHINNEY, R. Wendell Mayor, Kentville
1978-1979 MONT, William Mayor, Springhill
1977-1978 ZWICKER, Sherman Mayor, Lunenburg
1976-1977 SETTLE, Ira S. Warden, City of Halifax
1975-1976 DUGGAN, Walter Mayor, Town of Westville
1973-1975 MUNROE, D. A. Mayor, Glace Bay
1972-1973 ATHERTON, R.C. Councillor, Kings
1971-1972 EMIN, Frederick J. Mayor, Yarmouth
1970-1971 O'BRIEN, Allan Mayor, Halifax
1969-1970 BALCOM, M.C. Warden, Annapolis
1968-1969 TINGLEY, D.W. Mayor, Amherst
1966-1968 ORAM, Sydney Town Clerk, Sydney Mines
1964-1966 SMOFSKY, Harry H. Mayor, Bridgetown
1963-1964 WALTERS, Charles E. Warden, Lunenburg
1962-1963 AKERLEY, I. W. Mayor, Dartmouth
1961-1962 SULLIVAN, M.T. Warden, Cape Breton
1960-1961 GILROY, Ralph F. Mayor, Sydney
1959-1960 LEVERMAN, F.G.H Warden, Halifax
1958-1959 MacDONALD, Dan A. Mayor, Glace Bay
1957-1958 PINK, Irving C. Q.C Municipal Solicitor, Yarmouth
1956-1957 HILL, Hector Deputy Mayor, Truro
1955-1956 SEAMAN, Merton O. Councillor, Cumberland
1954-1955 HARTIGAN, D.Owen Mayor, Sydney Mines
1953-1954 SHAW, Judson F. Warden, West Hants
1952-1953 MUISE, P.G. Mayor, New Waterford
1951-1952 CHISHOLM, H.E. Warden, Digby
1950-1951 McMANUS, J.F., Q.C. City Assessor, Halifax
1949-1950 CONRAD, C.B. Warden Lunenburg
1948-1949 MacLEAN, D.J. Mayor, Sydney
1947-1948 :LEVY, R. Clifford L.L.B
1946-1947 MacGREGOR, John A. Mayor, Westville
1945-1946 DOWELL, W.J. Warden, Halifax
1944-1945 MORRISON, D.W. Mayor, Glace Bay
1943-1944 BOWER, Donald M. Municipal Clerk, Shelburne
1942-1943 SPINNEY, Eric H. Mayor, Yarmouth
1941-1942 FIELDING, R.M. Q.C Municipal Solicitor, Halifax
1940-1941 ROSCOE, B.W. Q.C. Mayor, Kentville
1939-1940 MACKINNON, R.A. Warden, Cape Breton
1938-1939 BUTLER, A.M. C.A City Auditor, Halifax
1937-1938 SPERRY, A.H. Municipal Clerk, Lunenburg
1936-1937 MUGGAH, S.E. Mayor, Sydney
1935-1936 ANDREWS, J. Vian Warden, Digby
1934-1935 CRAWFORD, F.D. Town Clerk, Amherst
1933-1934 JOHNSTON, H.W. C.E. City Engineer, Halifax
1932-1933 MUNRO, E.M. Warden, Kings
1931-1932 HARRIS, Fred. W. Town Clerk, Amherst
1930-1931 MacKAY R.S., Q.C. Solicitor, Municipality of Yarmouth
1929-1930 LISCOMBE, J.S. Town Clerk, Dominion
1928-1929 ROMKEY, G.E. Warden, Lunenburg
1927-1928  MacKAY, D.W. M.L.A Mayor, Liverpool
1926-1927 MacNEIL, James Municipal Clerk, Cape Breton
1925-1926 WHITMAN, F.C. Councillor, Annapolis Royal
1924-1925 DIMOCK, W. Ker Municipal Clerk, West Hants
1923-1924 RICE, H.A. Mayor, Canso
1922-1923 ARCHIBALD, Parker Municipal Clerk, Halifax
1921-1922 PARKER, John S. Mayor, Halifax
1920-1921 McCORMICK, A.C. Mayor, Sydney Mines
1919-1920 BANNERMAN, A.J. Councillor, Pictou
1918-1919 GOUDY, Hiram Town Clerk, Yarmouth
1917-1918 FERGUSON, W.M. Municipal Clerk, Colchester
1916-1917 CAMERON, Daniel M.L.A Mayor, Glace Bay
1915-1916 McLEOD, D.J. Municipal Clerk, Cumberland
1914-1915 MacKay, J.W., Q.C. Warden, Pictou
1913-1914 DOANE, F.W.W., C.E. City Engineer, Halifax
1913 GUNN A.D. Q.C Mayor, Sydney
1912 MacMILLAN, A.S. Warden, Antigonish
1910-1911 CHISHOLM, J.A. Mayor, Halifax
1909-1910 McMAHONE, A.E. Warden, Kings
1908-1909 HOOD, S.C. Mayor, Yarmouth
1906-1908 MacILREITH, R.H., Q.C. Mayor, Halifax