Ken Simpson Award

The Ken Simpson Memorial Award is designed to recognize outstanding public service and leadership among Nova Scotia municipal elected officials. This award perpetuates the memory of Kenneth Robert Bruce Simpson who served as Executive Director of the former Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities for 20 years from 1990 to 2010. Ken passed away tragically from cancer on April 17, 2011, at the age of 51. 

Long Service Awards

The NSFM Long Service Awards offers recognition beginning with those who have served on Council for a minimum of 10 years. 

NSFM's Carbon Surcharge Fund

In 2012, NSFM's Board of Directors passed a motion to add a $5 carbon surcharge fee to its conference registrations to mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions generated from hosting these events, as well as on its expense claims for staff and committee members to offset travel. This Carbon Surcharge Fund is collected in a special account and disbursed annually at its Fall Conference to support local, small-scale initiatives that help our municipalities reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

NSFM's Climate Change Leaders Award

NSFM’s Climate Change Leaders Award honours municipalities that have demonstrated exemplary leadership in climate change adaption and/or mitigation through the implementation of initiatives and the creation of awareness. The objectives of the award program are to celebrate successes, encourage continuous action towards climate change adaptation and mitigation, support the implementation of strategies from Municipal Climate Change Action Plans, and support collaborative efforts and the sharing of information among municipalities. The Climate Change Leaders Award is presented annually at NSFM’s Fall Conference. Learn more about the award and past recipients at Climate Change Leaders Award.

For further information regarding any of NSFM's awards, please contact NSFM.