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Mayor Carolyn Bolivar-Getson, Municipality of the District of Lunenberg

Mayor Carolyn Bolivar-Getson

Municipality of the District of Lunenburg
President & Executive Committee Member

Mayor Sandra Snow, Town of Kentville

Mayor Sandra Snow

Town of Kentville
Vice-President & Executive Committee Member

Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton, Town of Port Hawkesbury

Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton

Town of Port Hawkesbury
Past-President & Executive Committee Member

Deputy Warden James Fuller, Municipality of Saint Marys

Deputy Warden James Fuller

Municipality of St. Mary's Cape Breton
Strait Representative

Mayor Laurie Boucher, Town of Antigonish

Mayor Laurie Boucher

Town of Antigonish Cape Breton
Strait Representative

Councillor Chasidy Veinotte, Municipality of the District of Lunenburg

Councillor Chasidy Veinotte

Municipality of the District of Lunenburg
South Shore Representative

Councillor Maddie Charlton, Region of QUeens

Councillor Maddie Charlton

Region of Queens
South Shore Representative

Councillor Eldon MacDonald, CBRM

Councillor Eldon MacDonald

CBRM Representative & Executive Committee Member

Councillor Andy Thompson, Municipality of Pictou

Councillor Andy Thompson

Municipality of Pictou
Colchester-Cumberland-Pictou-East Hants Representative

Councillor Sam Austin, HRM

Councillor Sam Austin

HRM Representative

Councillor Paul Russell, HRM

Councillor Paul Russell

HRM Representative & Executive Committee Member

Councillor Belle Hatfield, Town of Yarmouth

Councillor Belle Hatfield

Town of Yarmouth
Southwestern Shore Representative

Councillor Paula Huntley, Town of Kentville

Councillor Paula Huntley

Town of Kentville
Valley Representative

Mayor Lennie White, Town of Westville

Mayor Lennie White

Town of Westville
East Hants Representative

Deputy Warden Brad Redden, County of Annapolis

Deputy Warden Brad Redden

Municipality of the
County of Annapolis
Valley Representative

John MacKinnon, CBRM

John MacKinnon

AMANS Representative