Funding for Housing

Municipal Capital Growth Program

Department - Organization: Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Description: The program supports investment in municipal infrastructure projects. Municipalities and villages can apply for funding from the Municipal Capital Growth Program to help reduce the cost of infrastructure projects that support the province’s growing population.
Example(s): Brownfield Redevelopment: Demolition, remediation, earthworks as required to enable residential development. Extension of services to remediated, vacant or underutilized land.
Deadline: December 13th, 2023
Information Session: November 14th, 1:00pm AST. Email  for the link.

Affordable Housing and Innovation Fund

Department - Organization: Canadian Mortgage and Housing Association
Description: The Affordable Housing Innovation Fund supports new ideas that will drive change and disrupt the industry – ideas and approaches that will evolve the affordable housing sector and create the next generation of housing in Canada. The Rent-to-Own stream of the Affordable Housing Innovation Fund is for housing providers interested in developing, testing and scaling innovative rent-to-own models and projects.
Deadline: CMHC accepts and reviews applications on a continual basis and funding announcements are made on a periodic basis.
Example Project: Incremental financing models and incremental building models. Such as the creation of shipping container affordable housing units which met net-zero specifications. The development of tiny homes for homeless veterans.

Green Municipal Fund

Department - Organization: Infrastructure Canada/Federation of Canadian Municipalities 
Description: GMF provides local sustainability projects that help municipalities adopt climate solutions faster in five priority sectors: energy, waste, transportation, land use and water. The funding can cover between 50 and 80 percent of the eligible project costs. There are grants to support projects in all stages, planning, studies, pilot projects, and capital projects. You can use their Funding Opportunity Finder Funding Opportunity Finder to search for applicable funding under the GMF.
Example(s): Sustainable Affordable Housing: Improve the energy efficiency and affordability of your community’s affordable housing unit.
Deadline: Continuous

National Housing Co-Investment Funding

Department - Organization: Canadian Mortgage and Housing Association
Description: This fund is for organizations that have partnered with another organization of a level of government and have secured some funding. The objective is to develop energy-efficient, accessible, and socially inclusive housing for mixed-income, mixed-tenure and mixed-use affordable housing. (Minimum 5 units). Community and affordable housing, shelters, transitional and supportive housing. Two streams: 1) New Construction and 2) Repair and Renewal. Within both streams, projects must achieve a minimum 25% decrease in energy consumption and GHG emissions as compared to the same project designed to 2015 National Building Code. Loans of up to 95% and contributions of up to 30%. Loans prioritized; contribution option only considered if loans are not feasible (i.e. shelters). Contributions are also available as a top-up for projects already receiving loans from other sources.
Deadline: Currently accepting applications

Currently Closed. Next Intake TBD:

Housing Accelerator Fund

Department - Organization: Canadian Mortgage and Housing Association
Description: The Housing Accelerator Fund provides incentive funding to local governments encouraging initiatives aimed at increasing housing supply. It also supports the development of complete, low-carbon and climate-resilient communities that are affordable, inclusive, equitable and diverse. HAF rewards applications that drive change within the local government's control. This can involve making changes to land use planning and development approvals processes, such as amending bylaws or implementing programs that expedite housing permits in both the short and long term. A list of example initiatives can be found in the pre-application material on the website.
Deadline: Applications closed in August 2023. It is unknown if there will be a second round.

If you can't find a grant that suits your needs, please reach out. Similarly, if you are applying to any of the listed opportunities, I am readily available to provide assistance throughout the application process.

Lucy MacLeod

Lucy MacLeod,
Fund Navigator