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We Champion Advocacy

At NSFM, we hold firm to the belief that our united voice can drive impactful changes, enhancing the well-being of our communities and our province. Our efforts are dedicated to harmonizing our collective perspectives, identifying top-priority issues, putting forward recommendations, and orchestrating events that resonate with all levels of government.

  pdf NSFM Boosts Advocacy Through Atlantic Partnership  (203 KB)

New Committees & Priority Setting

In 2023, NSFM established five pivotal committees, each focusing on key areas of municipal interest:

  1. Climate Change
  2. Equity & Community Wellbeing
  3. Municipal Infrastructure
  4. Municipal Autonomy
  5. Public Safety

Advisory Committee Overview: a comprehensive guide

This guide is designed to help you actively engage with our five advisory committees: Public Safety, Climate Change, Municipal Infrastructure, Municipal Autonomy, and Equity and Community Wellbeing. These committees play a crucial role in shaping how NSFM represents the interests of its members.  pdf Click Here (249 KB)

This practical how-to manual offers valuable insights into the objectives, functions, and collaborative opportunities within each committee. Crafted with the intent to empower your council, it aims to enable effective and meaningful contributions to NSFM's member-driven focus and advocacy goals.

Service Exchange - Historic MOU Signed

At a signing ceremony held on March 28 at Province House, the Province and NSFM signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).   The agreement took effect April 1 and represents a landmark development for Nova Scotia’s municipalities. 

The signing of the new MOU follows two years of negotiations and a significant investment of time and effort from NSFM, its leadership, and its membership. Thank you to our membership for their participation in the development of the MOU. 

“The signing of this service exchange agreement marks a pivotal moment for Nova Scotia's municipalities, signaling a historic investment in our communities. Together, we've worked to address the evolving needs of our residents, fostering growth, and sustainability across the province.” ~ Carolyn Bolivar-Getson, President, NSFM

“The new service exchange agreement reflects a collaborative effort to support the diverse needs of Nova Scotians and bolster the vitality of our municipalities. With increased investment and streamlined processes, we are better equipped to address the challenges and opportunities facing our communities.” ~ Juanita Spencer, CEO, NSFM 

“Today's agreement signifies a significant step forward in enhancing the partnership between the Province and municipalities. With the removal of certain financial burdens and the introduction of flexible funding mechanisms, we're poised to build stronger, more resilient communities for generations to come.” ~ Murray Scott, Mayor, Municipality of the County of Cumberland; co-Chair, Service Exchange Renegotiation and Municipal Government Act Review Committee 

To view MOU Document:  Click Here

For key documents assembled by the SERMGAR Committee Click Here

Municipal Code of Conduct

Our Municipal Code of Conduct is a remarkable example of successful collaboration between the Province, NSFM, AMANS, and the Association of Nova Scotia Villages. We've collectively developed a regulatory framework with teeth. Our recommendations are now headed to the Province for inclusion in the Legislative Agenda. Upon approval, training and educational sessions will follow, along with a mandated 3-year check-up.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Our Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program for Printed Paper and Packaging (PPP) has transitioned into a formal piece of legislation with enacted regulations. It is now progressing with a January deadline in sight.

Presentation:  pdf EPR for PPP Regulations: Implications For municipalities (847 KB) ; Video: Click Here