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Municipal interests are represented through three caucuses - a Regional Caucus, a Rural Caucus and a Towns Caucus. The Board of Directors is comprised of fifteen elected officials and one appointed voting member from the Association of Municipal Administrators. The Executive is comprised of the President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President and Regional Representatives from the Regional, Rural, and Town Caucuses across the province. The NSFM has a staff of thirteen who work on behalf of the Board of Directors and general membership.

Act of Incorporation

pdf CHAPTER 103-ACTS OF 1981 An Act to Incorporate the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities (UNSM) (55 KB) (As amended up to and including May 2003). 

The Act of Incorporation, being Chapter 103 of the Acts of 1981, received Royal Assent on June 24, 1981, and came into force that same day. The Act was amended by Chapter 81 of the Acts of 1987, Chapter 77 of the Acts of 1990, Chapter 76 of the Acts of 1992, Chapter 34 of the Acts of 1994-95, Chapter 20 of the Acts of 1996, Chapter 18 of the Acts of 1999, Chapter 41 of the Acts of 2000, and Chapter 24 of the Acts of 2003.

A request was made to the Province of Nova Scotia to amend the legislation to incorporate our new name, Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities. That request was granted by an Order In Council on September 3, 2019.

pdf Order In Council published in the Royal Gazette (350 KB)