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Such as trails, physical activity promotion, recreation programming and capital, active transportation, accessibility, healthy eating, seniors, and healthcare recruitment.

Wellness Funds

Department - Organization: Nova Scotia Health, Community Health Boards
Description: Wellness Funds are for groups working to improve health in their communities and must address the health priorities identified by the Community Health Boards (CHBs) in their current community health plan.  Wellness Funds support a health promotion or population health-based approach to wellness. This model seeks to maintain and improve the health of people and the communities in which they live through partnerships, and by addressing those aspects of a person’s life that determine their health. Wellness Funds are intended to support the implementation of the CHB Community Health Plan recommendations by funding local community projects that use a population health approach, addressing the Social Determinants of Health, such as income, education, social supports, early childhood development, etc.
Example(s): Varies largely: youth theatre project, fitness equipment.
Deadline: May 6th, 2024.
WebsiteWellness Funds

Canada's Most Active Community

Department - Organization: ParticiACTION
Description: The goal of the Challenge is to get Canadians moving with others (virtually or in-person) in their community. From walking to the grocery store to backyard spring cleaning to running, biking, dancing, and more. Individuals are encouraged to track their personal physical activity and/or the physical activity of groups and organizations they belong to in their community (the “Move Minutes”). The more Move Minutes that individuals and organizations track during the Challenge Period the better chance their Community (the “Participant”) has to win a prize in the Challenge. The community can win $100,000, or another small prize.
Example(s): Salisbury, New Brunswick won $100,000 last year!
Deadline: June 1st to 30th, 2024

Provincial Capital Assistance Program (PCAP)

Department - Organization: Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Description: A fund for municipal projects designed to eliminate serious environmental and health problems. The program supports investment in high-priority municipal infrastructure projects. You need to use the funding for municipally owned infrastructure projects like water supply, sewage disposal, and solid waste management. Projects that reduce or eliminate actual and potential environmental and health problems in the municipality are given priority. Priority is also given to projects that include collaborating with multiple municipalities or have beneficial impacts for larger populations.
Example(s): Stormwater management study, landfill decommission project
Deadline: June 13, 2024.

Active Communities Fund

Department - Organization: NS Dept of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage
Description: The fund supports community-wide initiatives to encourage less structured physical activity and movement. The fund aims to encourage physical activity and movement through policies, social initiatives or physical environments. Projects should target community members who are less active, or who have fewer opportunities for physical activity.
Example(s): A plan to design & implement a safe, walkable connector pathway between Glace Bay High School and the nearby shopping plaza.
Deadline: June 15th, 2024 for requests above $10,000. December 1st, 2024 for other applications.
Contact: It is strongly recommended you contact Elisabeth Bailey, Physical Activity Consultant, to discuss eligibility and project details. You can reach Elisabeth at or 902-930-1020. 

Sport Fund

Department - Organization: Sport Nova Scotia
Description: Sport Fund focuses on community sport support. The goal of the fund is to support quality, sustainable programming, either by providing funds to help organizations create new programs, or to expand and/or enhance current programs to provide more opportunities for Nova Scotians to take part in sport. The maximum allocation amount for a Sport Fund application is $5000 and Sport Fund does not support 100% of the cost of any initiative.
Deadline: June 15th, August 15, October 15, December 15, February 15th, April 15th
Contact:  Regional contacts on Page 8 of the reference guide.
WebsiteSport Fund

Jumpstart Community Development Grants

Department - Organization: Canadian Tire
Description: To help municipalities develop or sustain sports and recreation programming for kids between the ages of 4-18 in financial need or youth with disabilities between the ages of 4-25. The grant is meant to help organizations develop or sustain the delivery of sport or physical activity-based programs. Or build their capacity to provide more inclusive, equitable, safe sports participant experiences.
Deadline: July 12th, 2024 (also October & February). Apply approximately 3-6 months before the program starts. 3 intakes a year.

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation Grant

Department - Organization: TD Bank
Description: The Foundation supports a wide range of environmental initiatives, with a primary focus on environmental education and green space programs. States that municipalities are eligible.
Example(s): Eligible projects include park revitalization, community gardens, park programming and citizen science initiatives.
Deadline: July 15th, January 15th

Telus Community Board Grants

Department - Organization: Telus Friendly Future Foundation
Description: Municipalities can apply for grants that support local, grassroots community-based health and education programs that help youth reach their full potential. One funding application per year, up to $20,000 per year.
Deadline: October 8th, February 5th, April 2nd.

Community Recreation Capital Grant

Department - Organization: NS Dept of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage
Description: This program is suitable for projects with a total value up to $30,000. This capital grant is cost-shared with the applicant which means the Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage could contribute up to one-third of the total project cost to a maximum of $8,000 and the applicant would contribute two-thirds including financial matching and donated labor or materials. REMINDER: The capital application requires demonstration of competitive and accurate price estimates, commonly through multiple quotes. You are encouraged to apply early in the fiscal year. A complete application, with all supporting documents, including confirmed funders (two-third contribution) at the time of submitting, is encouraged.
Deadline: April 1st - December 1st or until the grant program is 100% committed.

Planning Assistance Program

Department - Organization: NS Dept of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage
Description: The program assists community organizations and municipalities in obtaining professional assistance in planning, designing and researching proposed and existing sport and recreation facilities. Funding is available for up to 50 percent of the total cost of the project to a maximum of $10,000.
Example(s): General facility planning including needs assessments, feasibility studies, master plans and facility operation plans. Schematic Design for new or renovated facilities and landscaping. Schematic design illustrates the scale and character of a project showing how the parts of the project relate to each other. This work includes preliminary cost estimates. The preparation of detailed design or construction documents is eligible under the main capital program and therefore not eligible. Building Audits forecast the replacement of building components by professional consultants and result in the development of a Life Cycle Plan for a facility. Research involves projects which have province-wide application e.g., exploring/testing alternative energy sources, maintenance strategies or usage.
Deadline: April 1st - December 1st or until the program is 100% committed. 

Recreation Community Development Grant

Department - Organization: NS Dept of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage
Description: The Recreation Community Development Grant is designed to support activities and initiatives that respond to the recreation and physical activity goals and priorities of communities and the Shared Strategy for Recreation in Nova Scotia: Active Living, Inclusion and Access, Connecting People and Nature, Supportive Environments, and Capacity Development.
Example(s): Leadership Education and Capacity Development. Marketing and Awareness Campaigns. Organizational and Partnership Development. Program or Policy Development and Implementation. Resource Development, Planning and Evaluation.
Deadline: April 1st- December 1st, or until 100% committed. Apply early in the fiscal year to avoid disappointment.

Smoke-Free Outdoor Spaces Signage Grant Fund

Department - Organization: Smoke-Free Nova Scotia
Description: The fund is intended to support communities which have already established smoke-free outdoor spaces by assisting with the cost of signage, as well as awareness and enforcement. This is a limited, one-time funding opportunity. Grants as high as $2,000 may be awarded.
Deadline: Continuous intake

Office of Healthcare Professionals Recruitment- Community Fund

Department - Organization: NS Government: The Office of Healthcare Professionals Recruitment
Description: Apply for funding to support community-led recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals. You need to use the funding for community projects like planning, recruitment and retention efforts of healthcare professionals. Helping reduce social and cultural barriers that may impact the recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals. Creating a welcoming environment for healthcare professionals. The Community Identified Projects Stream may fund up to $75,000 of eligible costs for each organization’s projects. The Community Readiness Supports Stream may fund up to $25,000 of eligible costs for each organization’s projects.
Example(s): Planning, recruitment and retention efforts of healthcare professionals. Helping reduce social and cultural barriers that may impact recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals. Creating a welcoming environment for healthcare professionals.
Deadline: Please contact to see how you can get involved.

Rink Efficiency

Department - Organization: Efficiency Nova Scotia
Description: Through the program, municipalities can improve their rink or arena’s energy efficiency. This will not only improve conditions for customers, it will result in cost savings that can be reinvested in other ways. There are programs for retrofits, optimization, and rebates. You can inquire about your project idea on their website, and they will get back to you within two business days.
Deadline: Continuous intake
Contact: Use the contact form on the website.

Trail Engineering Assistance Grant Program

Department - Organization: NS Dept of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage
Description: The program is designed to provide trail builders and managers with a source of funding to help them hire engineering expertise when it is required. The program provides funding to municipalities for hiring engineers when building, maintaining, and supporting multi-use trails and non-motorized single-use to help ensure Nova Scotia’s trails are both safe for trail users and environmentally sound. Applicants are encouraged to contribute to the overall cost of the initiative. The contribution level required depends on the need and the ability of the applicant to contribute.
Example(s): Inspection and assessment of existing trail structures. Components of planning requiring an engineer (i.e. site plan for a bridge). Design of trail components which must be engineered to a specific standard. Rehabilitation plans.
Deadline: Open for applications, continuous intake.

Trail Expansion Grant Program

Department - Organization: NS Dept of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage
Description: to assist municipalities and not-for-profit organizations in developing new recreational trails, expanding recreational trails, and making capital upgrades to existing trails in order to increase opportunities for Nova Scotians to recreate in the outdoors, connect with nature and to get moving which respond to the goals of the Shared Strategy for Trails in Nova Scotia. Projects eligible to apply for up to 2/3 of total capital costs to a maximum of $150,000
Deadline: EOI will open on September 6th, 2024.

Mitacs Municipal Support

Department - Organization: Mitacs
Description: Mitacs connects municipalities of all sizes with post-secondary researchers for innovative projects ensuring Canadians develop the best public policies to create vibrant and healthy communities. Mitacs is a national, not-for-profit organization that designs and delivers research internships, placing highly educated graduate students and postdocs into the public and private sectors. Bringing a qualified intern on board, whether it’s a college student, a university student, a grad or a postdoc, is a smart strategy, allowing you to tap into their knowledge and know-how while keeping your budget in check. It’s also a great way to boost your organization’s productivity and create a valuable work opportunity for students who are passionate about the challenges you face.
  • Non-repayable funding from $6,000 to multi-million.
  • A custom-built research and innovation team to roadmap your project.
  • Scalable, multidisciplinary projects in all areas.
  • Academic/research team to give you the specialized knowledge and skills that you need.
  • Works with you to resolve the major challenges that Canadian municipalities face
Deadline: Continuous intake
Contact: Form on the webpage

Max Bell Foundation Grants

Department - Organization: Max Bell Foundation
Description: Max Bell Foundation makes grants to support projects that are designed to inform public policy. They do so across four program areas: Education; Environment; Health & Wellness; and Civic Engagement and Democratic Institutions. A typical project supported by Max Bell Foundation ranges from 1-3 years in duration and has a budget that ranges from approximately $10,000 to $200,000. Max Bell Foundation is often the only financial supporter of projects they fund. Not for building or service delivery, it is for projects that inform public policy. You can view previous grants awarded here:
Deadline: Continuous intake
Contact: Contact Form

The McLean Foundation Grant

Department - Organization: The McLean Foundation
Description: They endeavour to maintain a flexible policy, with particular emphasis on projects showing promise of general social benefit but which may initially lack broad public appeal. Normally in the areas of social welfare, education, environmental conservation and the arts.
Deadline: Continuous intake

R. Howard Webster Foundation

Department - Organization: R. Howard Webster Foundation
Description: The R. Howard Webster Foundation makes grants to outstanding Canadian charitable organizations offering unique and inspiring programs or projects for the benefit, improvement and development of Canadian society. The R. Howard Webster Foundation’s funding interests are within the areas of Arts & Culture, Education, Environment, Medical, and Social Services.
Example(s): Does not fund capital projects. Previous grantees can be viewed on their website.
Deadline: Continuous intake

Farm Credit Canada Community Fund

Department - Organization: Farm Credit Canada
Description: FCC Community Funding is to help enhance communities. Eligible organizations can apply for up to $10,000 in FCC Community Funding annually and applications are accepted year-round.
Deadline: Continuous intake

McConnell Foundation Grants

Department - Organization: The McConnell Foundation
Description: The McConnell Foundation funds three areas; community, reconciliation, and climate. They fund a wide variety of projects and understand that applying for funding can take a lot of time and resources. Therefore, have designed a two-stage process meant to minimize the time required. Stage 1 consists of selecting the focus area your initiative is most aligned with, and submitting a short-form application.
  • Community: spaces of collaboration and policy change that address barriers to social and economic inclusion
  • Reconciliation: projects that allow communities to contribute to a reconciliation economy in relationship with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.
  • Climate: climate mitigation solutions.
Deadline: Continuous 
Example(s): There is a database of previously funded projects, view it here. For example, funding to contribute to Community Connectors to run a series of community conversations over the next two years, to surface key issues, identify solutions, form natural support groups and disseminate community insights with mainstream organizations to influence systems change. 
Contact: You can book a 15-minute appointment to determine if they are the right partner for your project.

Currently Closed, Next Intake TBD:

Farm Credit Canada AgriSpirit Fund

Department - Organization: Farm Credit Canada
Description: The fund supports rural communities under 150,000 people across Canada with funding for capital projects that enrich the lives of community residents. $1.5 million distributed annually.
Example Project: Refrigeration and equipment to support food waste reduction and recovery. Construction of or upgrades to community buildings. Renovations or upgrades that reduce a building’s energy footprint. Initiatives that support agriculture and food.
Deadline: Applications will open in April 2024.

Medavie Foundation

Department - Organization: Medavie Blue Cross
Description: Invests in community initiatives and organizations that improve the well-being of Canadians, focusing on some of the most pressing mental and physical health challenges facing Canadians: Healthy Food, and Active Living are the main streams applicable to municipalities.
Example(s)Hope Blooms Hope Blooms is an example of a Healthy Food Initiative. 
Deadline: Applications will open early 2024.

New Horizons for Seniors Program- Community-Based Projects

Department - Organization: Employment and Social Development Canada
Description: The community-based stream of the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) is a federal grant that supports community-based projects that are designed by seniors for seniors. This program funds projects that empower seniors in their communities and contribute to improving their health and well-being. Municipalities can apply for up to $25,000 for projects that are led by seniors and are volunteer-based. 
Deadline: Closed September, 2023. Next intake TBD.

Permanent Public Transit Funding: Active Transportation Fund

Department - Organization: Infrastructure Canada
Description: The fund invests in projects that build new and expanded networks of pathways, bike lanes, trails and pedestrian bridges, in addition to supporting active transportation planning and stakeholder engagement activities.
Deadline: Closed on March 2022. The next intake is expected to be in 2026.

Reciprocity Health Fund

Department - Organization: Community Foundation of Nova Scotia
Description: The Fund will support preventative, community-based, health projects rooted in an understanding of the social determinants of health. Projects should take place in Shelburne, Yarmouth or Digby Counties and must be led by a qualified donee (registered charity, municipality, post-secondary institution, etc.). Proposed projects should focus on improved population health and reduced health inequities. Applicants must demonstrate how their proposal aligns with these objectives in their application.
Deadline: Closed May, 2023. Next intake TBD.

Accessible Transportation Assistance Program

Department - Organization: NS Dept of Public Works
Description: The program is a capital grant for municipally operated accessible services. To find out how your municipality can become eligible, please contact Gregory Sewell. Applications are mailed directly to the applicants. 
Example(s): Transit Cape Breton - Handi-Trans Service
Deadline: Closed April 2023, next intake TBD.

Age-Friendly Community Grant Program

Department - Organization: NS Dept of Seniors and Long-term Care
Description: This grant provides funding up to $25,000 for projects that help older Nova Scotians stay active, healthy and engaged in their communities. Two categories 1) Planning – developing solutions with the community to address the persistent challenges of supporting older adults in their homes 2) Projects – may focus on physical activity, mobility, and nutrition, reducing social isolation and strengthening social connections, providing non-medical support at home or in the community, helping to improve digital skills.
Example(s): See the grant guidelines for project examples.
Example(s): Municipality of the County of Colchester - Recreation Services, Indoor Community Walking for Older Adults: the Municipality of Colchester is partnering with the community of Five Island to provide a safe welcoming environment for older adult residents to walk.
Deadline: Closed November 21st, 2023. Next intake TBD

Substance Use and Addictions Program 

Department - Organization: Health Canada 
Description: The program provides time-limited funding for a wide range of innovative and evidence-informed projects including substance use prevention, harm reduction and treatment initiatives across the country. Projects target a range of substances, including opioids, stimulants, cannabis, alcohol, nicotine and tobacco, at the community, regional and national levels.
Example(s): Cape Breton Association of People Empowering Drug Users (CAPED): This project will engage with people with lived and living experience (PWLLE) of substance use in Sydney, and the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. Community partners will be offered capacity building training to reduce stigma, and PWLLE of substance use will participate in training programs to acquire the skills needed for employment in the substance use sector as peer support workers. Project duration: May 16, 2022 to September 30, 2023. ($492,229).
Deadline: Closed November 22nd, 2023. Next intake TBD

Culture Innovation Fund

Department - Organization: NS Dept of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage
Description: Municipalities can submit proposals in collaboration or partnership with eligible organizations. Using culture and creative expression in new and better ways to create value through arts, music, heritage, language, cultural identity, diversity, recreation, museums, libraries, traditions, food, spirituality and much more. Tier 1 funding: Local-level initiatives led by community groups/organizations up to a maximum of $15,000; Tier 2 funding: Larger partnership with organizations in tier 1, applicants must provide a minimum of 25% of eligible costs.
Deadline: Processes applications as they receive them until all available funds are allocated. Must apply by December 1st, 2023.
Contact: Susan Jeffries, Director of Culture and Heritage Development,

CSA Hockey Helmet Program

Department - Organization: Recreation Facility Association of Nova Scotia
Description: Through the CSA Hockey Helmet Program, local arenas can order affordable, CSA-approved hockey helmets to provide proper protective gear for public skating, school skates and employee safety. Participating facilities can purchase CSA hockey helmets for $10.00 each or $24.00 each for helmets with a face shield. A maximum of 20 helmets per application (one application per facility per year) can be purchased as there are a limited number of helmets available.
Deadline: Closed December 15th, 2023

Community Trails Leadership Fund

Department - Organization: NS Dept of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage
Description: The grant supports the trail development community in Nova Scotia through the provision of funds for leadership, organizational development, and capacity building. The fund will help organizations offer training and educational opportunities for volunteers and the trail professionals who support them. It also helps the organizations acquire the expertise needed for specific aspects of trail projects. Applicants are expected to contribute at least fifty percent (50%) of the overall cost of the initiative, inclusive of contributions obtained from other sources (financial and in-kind). Applicants unable to contribute the expected amount (50% of overall cost) are encouraged to discuss their proposed initiative and financial situation with their local Regional Manager and/or CCTH Trails Consultant
Deadline: Program under review. 

Enabling Accessibility Fund 

Department - Organization: Employment and Social Development Canada
Description: This funding opportunity aims to make communities and workplaces across Canada more accessible for persons with disabilities. It will fund new construction, renovation and/or retrofit activities that will contribute to reducing waitlists for persons with disabilities to access programs, services and/or support. There are two streams of municipalities: Small Projects ($200,000 per project) and Mid-Sized Projects ($3 million per project). 
Municipalities with less than 50,000 citizens can apply. Funding ranges from $500,000 to a maximum of $3,000,000 for a project that is up to 2 years in duration.
Deadline: Currently closed.

Municipal Capital Growth Program

Department - Organization: Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Description: The program supports investment in municipal infrastructure projects. Municipalities and villages can apply for funding from the Municipal Capital Growth Program to help reduce the cost of infrastructure projects that support the province’s growing population.
Example(s): Accessibility: Capital projects are required to comply with the Accessibility Act. Projects supported by accessibility plans. Accessibility improvements to municipal infrastructure including sidewalks and active Transportation (excluding Fleet).
Deadline: Closed on December 13th, 2023

Community ACCESS-Ability Program

Department - Organization: NS Dept of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage
Description: This program offers cost-shared grants to community groups for accessibility-related capital improvements. The grants may cover up to two-thirds of the direct and indirect costs of renovations, installations, and/or equipment. The sponsoring organization must raise at least one-third of the funding from other sources. Organizations can receive funding for one project per year under the program.
Example(s): Ramps, power door operators, accessible doors, and levered handles. Barrier-free washrooms. Elevators lifts, and other mobility assistive devices. Audio signals and loops and lighting/colour contrasting for the visually impaired. Accessible portion of community playgrounds.
Deadline: February 14th (annually).

Recreation Facility Development Grant/ Rink Revitalization Program

Department - Organization: NS Dept of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage
Description: This program assists community groups and municipalities in developing or upgrading facilities to increase public participation in sport and physical recreation. Projects approved for funding are eligible to receive up to one-third of the total capital cost of the project to a maximum of $150,000. The rink revitalization program is under this program. The program can assist municipalities that operate rinks to invest in the revitalization or upgrading of capital infrastructure to support the sustainability of the facility. Rinks include curling clubs and arenas as well as outdoor rinks of a permanent nature. The rink must be open to all members of the public at reasonable times and at a reasonable rate.
Example(s): Recreation centres and halls, pools, arenas, athletic fields, parks playgrounds and trails. Enhanced schools for community use. Purchase of large permanent furnishings and equipment integral to the functioning/operation of a facility. (i.e. soccer goals, ice re-surfacer, ice plant components). Construction of community centres, pools, rinks, athletic fields, parks, playgrounds, and enhancements to schools for community use and other recreation facilities that promote active living. Capital conservation work involving repair and/or replacement needs of any major components directly related to a facility’s structural or operational integrity.
Deadline: February 14th (Annually).

Community Facility Improvement Program

Department - Organization: NS Dept of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage
Description: Not for municipally owned community centers, please share widely within your municipality. Aids in repairs and upgrades to community facilities open for public use, such as community halls. 
Deadline: February 14th (Annually).

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Grant Program

Department - Organization: Recreation Facility Association of Nova Scotia
Description: The goal of this program is to increase the number of AEDs installed in sport and recreation facilities in Nova Scotia. Through this grant program owners or managing partners of sport and recreation facilities can be eligible to receive up to 1/2 the total cost of the purchase of an AED or replacement batteries or pads for AEDs purchased through the program (taxes Included) to a maximum of $1,500.00. RFANS does not recommend a particular AED brand, manufacturer, or distributor. They encourage anyone considering purchasing an AED to contact several providers to determine their facilities specific needs
Deadline: February 15th, 2024 (Annually)

ParticipACTION Community Challenge Grant Program

Department - Organization: ParticipACTION
Description: As part of the 2024 challenge, ParticipACTION will be providing grants of up to $1,500 to community organizations to help them promote and deliver sport and physical activity opportunities to equity-denied populations, in particular, Black, Indigenous, racialized, 2SLGBTQQIA+, persons with a disability, low-income populations and newcomers to Canada.
Deadline: Closed February 13th, 2024


Department - Organization: NS Dept of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage
Description: Active transportation projects that will improve connectivity within and between communities and have the potential to reduce emissions. There are three streams. 1) Capacity Building and Community Engagement, Connect2 provides grants of up to 75% to a maximum of $50,000 per project in this category. 2) Shared Mobility & Bicycle Fleets, Connect2 provides grants of up to $75,000 per project in this category. 3) Active Transportation Infrastructure and Design, Connect2 provides grants of up to 75% to a maximum of $50,000 per project in this category.
Deadline: Closed March 4, 2024.
Website: Connect2

Kal's RePlay Fund

Department - Organization: Kal's Tire
Description: Since 2019, Kal Tire has supported recycling millions of pounds of scrap tires to build inclusive playgrounds, accessible public spaces, durable roofing products, sanitary flooring, and so much more. Kal’s RePlay Fund is open to all non-profits, municipalities, First Nations and school boards that are improving community infrastructure with recycled rubber products.
Deadline: Closed February 28th, 2024. 
Website: Kal's RePlay

Canada Post Community Foundation

Department - Organization: Canada Post
Description: The Canada Post Community Foundation provides grants to small municipalities. The project should make a difference in the lives of children and youth (up to age 21). Eligible projects should increase the capacity of an organization and create or expand services, rather than maintaining existing services. For example, purchasing new equipment or launching new programs. Project grants are available for projects valued at up to $25,000 each.
Example(s): Playground equipment and upgrades to parks, library supplies, chrome books and other electronics, musical instruments, art supplies, sporting goods (balls, hockey sticks, curling brooms, etc.), sporting facility improvements (pools, ice rinks, skateboard parks, climbing walls, etc.), special needs supplies and adaptive equipment (autism room supplies, modified sporting equipment for children with special needs, etc.)
Deadline:  Closed March 1st, 2024.

Garden Grant Program

Department - Organization: Whole Kids Foundation
Description: Intended to introduce kids to growing and eating veggies. Through the Garden Grant program, non-profit organizations can turn outdoor spaces into powerful hands-on learning gardens that connect kids with food. Government organizations can apply twice, each grant is worth $3000.
Deadline: Closed March 1st, 2024.

Municipal Wellness Grants

Department - Organization: Association of Municipal Administrators Nova Scotia
Description: The Municipal Wellness Grants Program funds projects that promote workplace wellness for municipal employees and elected officials, through new initiatives, for example: activities, events, projects, or enhancements to existing initiatives.  These grants are only available to municipalities participating in the NSFM Group Benefits program. 
  • Benefits to municipal employees - up to $3000
  • Benefits to municipal employees and elected officials - up to $4000
Deadline: Closed March 31st, 2024, 4:30 pm
Contact: Melanie Bower at


Department - Organization: Innoweave/ McConnell Family Foundation
Description: Innoweave helps organizations implement social innovation with personalized coaching. Innoweave teaches the organization to implement these changes itself, taking a coaching method rather than a consultation approach. They offer funding three times a year through a competitive process, funding 2/3 of organizations (up to $10,000). With a large network of experienced coaches, they guide areas like policy engagement, scaling impact, developmental evaluation, and impact measurement. To better understand the program, please watch the “Introduction to Innoweave” video.
Deadline: Closed April 26th, 2024


If you can't find a grant that suits your municipality's needs, please reach out. Similarly, if your municipality is applying to any of the listed opportunities, I am readily available to provide assistance throughout the application process.

Lucy MacLeod

Lucy MacLeod,
Fund Navigator