The 2023 Nominations Committee is now accepting nominations for the following positions:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Regional Representatives for each NSFM Electoral Region

Nominations will be accepted until September 28.

Nominations must be submitted in writing. Nominations must be signed by both a nominator and a seconder. Nominations must also include the written consent of the nominee. Elected Municipal Officials can nominate themselves, but nominations must be seconded by another Elected Municipal Official. To make a nomination to any Board position, Elected Municipal Officials can use the attached  NSFM Nomination Form.

Nominations for Regional Representatives can only be made and seconded by Elected Municipal Officials in the same Electoral Region. A list of Members Units are listed in the  NSFM Board of Directors Electoral Regions  is attached.

All Nominees should send in a photo of themselves, an explanation of their qualifications, and the reason why they are running for the Board position in question. This photo and information will be circulated in the Nominations Committee Report and included in the online platform and ballot.

Nominations shall be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Nominations Committee. Nominations can be submitted through e-mail at 

All Elected Municipal Officials will be able to cast their ballot during the voting period of October 20 to October 26 at 11:59pm.

Please review the attached How to Participate in NSFM Board of Directors Elections  guide for more information on how the 2023 nominations and election will take place.

As stated in section 6 of the NSFM Elections Policy, an online voting system will be used as the default approach for conducting elections to the Board.

If an online voting system is not practical or accessible for a Member Unit, they can request that a physical polling station be arranged. Such requests will be considered by the Board of Directors at the September Board meeting. The deadline to make this request is September 22.

The Nominations Committee Report will be circulated to the membership on October 5.

Your 2023 Nominations Committee is listed below:

  • Mayor Amanda McDougall, Chair (Past-President), Cape Breton Regional Municipality
  • Councillor Martha Armstrong, Municipality of the County of Kings
  • Mayor Lennie White, Town of Westville
  • Mayor Darlene Norman, Region of Queens Municipality